Sharing the Knowledge

I have the pleasure of mentoring a talented group of high school students. They are the soul of Team 2102 Paradox of San Dieguito Academy. They are creative, curious, humble, dedicated, and caring. They strive to embody “Gracious Professionalism”, a term used by FIRST Robotics that is a parallel to the “Golden Rule” learned in childhood. Sharing knowledge and teamwork are so vital in solving the current challenges in the world. Open source software and hardware embraces these two qualities.Read more

Using Senses to Guide Yourself Through the Fog

My mom has Alzheimer’s. Sometimes I wonder what she sees and thinks about her world. She only has about four phrases that she uses now. It is heartbreaking for me to no longer be seen and recognized by her. Yet, she smiles, hums to music, snuggles her blanket, and enjoys her orange chicken as if all is okay in her world. I believe that she is happy and content. As her world became foggier and less familiar, she found aRead more