Moving Forward Monday: The Ada Initiative

If you haven’t heard yet about the Ada Initiative, I highly recommend that you check out the good work that they are doing for women and men in open source technology Although a relatively young organization, the Ada Initiative has strong accomplishments: an anti-harassment policy for conferences, practical workshops teaching skills to men and others wishing to support women in open source, and AdaCamp. Their website provides much more detail on their growing impact. Please take a look at theRead more

Learning and Teaching Courses in an Open Environment – XBlock

Kudos for edX opening the technical insides of its very successful platform for development of content rich learning and course delivery. XBlock, the API, is available for viewing on GitHub Keep an eye on this API opening up creation of more courses, study aids, collaboration, and customization of the learner’s experience.Read more

International Women’s Day 2013

What a great way to wrap up a week. There has been so much going on this week about women and girls in technology. Great work and passion by so many people – female or male. Inspiring the next generation of girls… Building on the achievements of this generation of women… Honoring the generations of engineers, scientists, businesspersons, and mothers before us…Read more