Security at the Seams: What’s a Software Development Manager to Do?

I recently had the pleasure of taking a new course through edX. The course, DelftX: EconSec101x Economics of Cybersecurity, adeptly illustrates the many economic issues and behaviors that impact security in practice. I highly recommend the course to those interested in economics and security. Here’s my final reflection essay from the course. Economics of Cybersecurity Reflection Essay Security at the Seams: What’s a Software Development Manager to Do? Discussions of security frequently come up in the Open Source Software developmentRead more

Decorators visualized

Decorators make code more readable. When learning how decorators work, it’s easy to get confused. When teaching decorators, students often ask “but how does it work” and “why does it work”. Magic, it just does, and follow the pattern of the example could be reasonable though less than satisfying responses. Online Python Tutor Learning to use decorators can be frustrating until the learner understands how decorators work. To build mastery, students want to visualize what the computer is doing when usingRead more

I am not a tree. I am a person. I speak for me.

For years, I enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax to my children. Today, a wise quote from the book pops into my head when I read a twitter post by or about Mr. Wadhwa. In the story, the Lorax “speaks for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” The Lorax’s logic strikes me as very reasonable. [Added 2/4/2015: Listening to Amelia Greenhall’s reading of her blog post, Quiet, Ladies. @wadhwa is speaking now, I was moved to share my perspective from over 30Read more