Change, community, and compassion

Today, I reflect on a life changing event. For a few days, we came together from around the world to form a community to share our thoughts on change and our compassion for individual experiences in technology. I’m sharing a very rough draft of a letter that I wrote on May 29, 2014. I hope you will find a nugget of wisdom, inspiration, or comfort in these jumbled, unedited yet heartfelt words. I am so grateful for AdaCamp┬áSan Francisco 2013Read more

Weekend Whimsy: String theory, The Hics, and Candy Chang

I’m keeping it short this morning while I write a little software. I’m enjoying some good music, art, and community. Enjoy! I’ve been singing this gem from A Capella Science for days now. Catchy lyrics and a little string theory. Awesome. Topping my playlist this morning is the ‘Tangle EP’ by The Hics. Musical goodness with intelligence and creativity. Great sound. Candy Chang inspired me at LinuxCon 2013 in New Orleans. Planning to watch her keynote again this morning. It’sRead more