Decorators visualized

Decorators make code more readable. When learning how decorators work, it’s easy to get confused. When teaching decorators, students often ask “but how does it work” and “why does it work”. Magic, it just does, and follow the pattern of the example could be reasonable though less than satisfying responses. Online Python Tutor Learning to use┬ádecorators can be frustrating until the learner understands how decorators work. To build mastery, students want to visualize what the computer is doing when usingRead more

Music, Data Science, and Community – Poster at PyCon 2014

I had the pleasure of sharing my love of music and programming last spring at PyCon 2014. I enjoyed presenting a poster about music21, a computer aided musicology framework. Michael Cuthbert, an MIT professor of Music, has done great work making music theory accessible to learners and researchers. I believe that music brings together community. One community that I am so pleased to be a participate in is the San Diego Python community (San Diego Python User Group and PyLadiesRead more

SciPy 2014: A mother-daughter collaboration

I had the pleasure of sharing SciPy 2014 with my daughter. Well, the chance to share SciPy 2014 with a more grown up version of my daughter than the three year old girl exploring the Philippines. Although I plan to pull together my thoughts on SciPy 2014 talks more fully later, three things stand out from the week: creativity, computer science, and communication. Creativity My daughter loves foreign languages, especially Japanese, music, art, and psychology. Why on earth would IRead more