Moving Forward Monday: Mountains or Molehills

I recently moved my mom into a nursing home. My dad, who has been her steady caregiver for many years, had made the decision that they needed more care and support during my mom’s most severe stage of Alzheimer’s. There were times when I felt that moving my mom from her home of many years would be as difficult as moving a mountain. Actually, I like to think of the mountain as a huge iceberg with a herd of elephantsRead more

Moving Forward Monday: The Ada Initiative

If you haven’t heard yet about the Ada Initiative, I highly recommend that you check out the good work that they are doing for women and men in open source technology Although a relatively young organization, the Ada Initiative has strong accomplishments: an anti-harassment policy for conferences, practical workshops teaching skills to men and others wishing to support women in open source, and AdaCamp. Their website provides much more detail on their growing impact. Please take a look at theRead more

Sharing the Knowledge

I have the pleasure of mentoring a talented group of high school students. They are the soul of Team 2102 Paradox of San Dieguito Academy. They are creative, curious, humble, dedicated, and caring. They strive to embody “Gracious Professionalism”, a term used by FIRST Robotics that is a parallel to the “Golden Rule” learned in childhood. Sharing knowledge and teamwork are so vital in solving the current challenges in the world. Open source software and hardware embraces these two qualities.Read more